Need help identifying transistors!

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    Apr 10, 2013
    I was in my local electronics shop today (lucky enough to even have one!) and picked up a cheap bag of 100 "Asst. Plastic/Power Transistors" today, just to have on hand for experimenting with. Now I'm trying to identify what I've got. I'm having luke warm luck finding datasheets. They came in a "Jim-Pak GB127" bag without any sort of parts listing. There are 9 different transistors in the bag Labeled as follows,

    M2N5460. Easiest one to find provided the M prefix is some sort of manufacturer prefix and it's just a 2n5460.

    2N4917. Couldn't find a full datasheet but at least found evidence the transistor exists outside of this bag of transistors.

    2 more just labelled 5460. Maybe just a different manufacturer?

    The rest are all still mysteries to me! Any help in identifying them would be much appreciated.

    Here are there labels, please let me know if there's more info I can provide!

    7001 K23

    FS42 827 632

    F6 -04 318

    F6 -04 314

    (Two Ns on top of each other? 2N?) 002 62271 EBC

    and lastly one with no identifying markers, but only 2 legs?

    Would pictures help? I don't have my camera here but I'll snap some tonight if there's not enough info to identify these guys.

    thank you circuits forum!