Need help identifying parts for SS90 board

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My treadmill was recently taken out by a lightning storm. During part of the SS90 board was fried. I called the manufacturer (Digital Concepts of Missouri) to see if I could obtain the pieces broke which was a resistor, diode, mosfet, and an SCR but they refused so I was hoping maybe somebody on this board had knowledge of this board and could help me out. The first picture is an overall of the board. The second shows the fet and SCR thats been destroyed. Also to the right of them is the diode and resistor. Thanks for your help.



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The first thing you need to do is clean the board.

Start by using compressed air to blow all the dust/cobwebs off. If you don't have an air compressor, then go pick up a couple of cans of "dust off" from someplace that sells electronics. Wal-Mart may have it; I haven't checked lately. Office supply stores usually carry it.

After the worst of it is off, use acid brushes (auto supply stores) and 90% or better isopropyl alcohol (Ace hardware, Home Depot/Lowes' paint department, Wal-Mart pharmacy) to get the rest of it off.

Then see if you can read the part numbers on the diode and SCR.


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I had the same problem with this board. After three tripis to a rebuild shop they found an open resistor causing an intermittent failure. It advanced to a total failure. Nor it works great. It rescued a $3,800.00 11 year old tredmill.

Personally I don't know anything about circuit boards. Fitness stores just want to sell a new treadmill.

Glad to share the name of the shop. PM me. Or I will post it if that is protocol on this board.


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Barrels41 - I am having similar problems with my SS90 control board. I am interested in trying to get it repaired. Do you have the contact information for the shop you used? Thank you so much for your time!


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old thread.. my True 550ZP also has the SS90 rev 2 board. Just removed the diode, scr and fet. About to order replacements. what where those resistors that where mentioned? Any other luck? great that we can fix these. I found a schematic for a similar controller MS2100 that at least shows some generic circuit topology. Any one ask Digital concepts for a schematic?