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    I have a thread earlier which leads to misunderstanding between me and the concern citizens. Sorry for that. Since I am new here, I don't know how to delete the thread I'd made earlier that's why I made a new thread.

    So it goes like this, I am assigned to a PROJECT STUDY. This project study answers the question "How can I make the noise coming from our roads useful?" Which leads me to the concept of converting sound energy to electrical energy.

    The concept of this project goes this way, I will be making a device which will be placed in post in our highways. During day light, the device will gather the noise coming from the vehicles, convert it to electricy and store it in a rechargable battery. The electrical energy stored will be used in lighting the street lights during the night.

    Since it is a project study, my main goal in here is to prove that the idea i have is attainable and can be achieved through further studies. In this project study, we are required to provide a prototype, this prototype is just small scale, we don't need to light up a mercury hallide lamp etc., all we have to do is to light up 3-5 LEDs.

    My main concern is what alternative component I am going to use that will serve as my generator(collecting sound and converting it to elecrical energy).

    any comment, suggestions, reply etc will be appreciated
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    jhaydelafuente, as we're still at theoretical phase, do you know the principles of how loudspeakers work?

    You should also know the principle that if you transfer electrical energy to the loudspeaker it can generate sounds, you could also have the opposite effect; it will generate electrical energy when it captures sounds (assumed with enough db power).

    You can do the experiment at home if you have right tools.

    To be more efficient here, you should think about microphones, which are more specialized in the capture of sounds, but the principle is the same.
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    You might want to check out the road that plays music using speed bumps ...
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    I think you should first research just how much energy there is in the environmental noise. Is it more than the energy needed to run whatever electronics you plan to use?
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