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We guys need to make a film to be shown to some high school kids. It is required that we dwell for some time about the diode,and so it followed that we needed a short animation bit to be inserted in the movie which shows the actual conduction across the junction. I would like to know if there are any pictures which we could use to portray it better. We also need to tell them why doping is important after all (we did a survey and found that many students actually had this question). This film might also be used to coach the uninitiated too.
Anyway,here's a list of questions that students and the layman have been asking. I am not at all an expert on solid state electronics. I would just like to know if these questions are valid enough and not too silly to be taken up.
If anybody could come up with answers for the valid questions that can be easily communicated,i'd be very grateful
1) There are some impurities added in the p-type and the n-type. The impurities in the n-type,the electrons(assuming the doping is equal on both sides),when a potential difference is applied cross over and recombination takes place. That means they fill up all the holes on the p-type.?
2)If condution takes place because holes move towards the negative(of the power source) and electrons towards the Cathode, are these electrons and holes being created because the electric field(due to the power source) actually displaces the electrons out of the lattice? And if so, why do we need doping in the first place.

We have been instructed to trace the actual movement of a single electron.And this is where we are getting into trouble.
If the questions are not valid and need not be encouraged, please tell me.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Mozikluv,
Thanks for pointing out the link,it did help me,and thanks for also pointing out to me to keep my eyes open....

Originally posted by mozikluv@Nov 3 2005, 11:38 AM

check this out:

Solid State Device Theory

as to animation, sorry can't help you out on that, maybe some members would have the idea of where to get that.

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As for the animation, you can use flash or gif animators, the later being free.
As for the actual stuff to go in the animation, just google it, it can explain in far greater detail that I could lol. Good luck and if you need any help jsut pm me.