Need Help For IR Audio Transmitter & Receiver

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For a project of mine, i need an IR audio Transmitter & Receiver. The audio transmitter should be continuously transmitting an audio message. A person having the receiver along with headphones when enters into the range of this transmitter should start receiving and playing this message... So how do i go about this thing... Can plz anyone help... !!!

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I'm going to buy these electronic components of electronic market, and then he assembled a ir, but don't know some elements of the above parameters, such as a IC component, only when the 4046, but that is no specific above models, I search on the net also not related instructions. I want to do a microphone, infrared emitting and receiving part, the requirement in 30 meters launch distance, may achieve?

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I want to make an infrared transmission wireless microphones, requirement of audio emission in 30 meters, distance transmitter and receiver need, who has made a detailed analysis of the circuit drawings and specifications? Some friends, whether in the reply post? Or sent to my mailbox: <Snip>
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