Need help finding PCD connection solution...

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    Dec 7, 2010
    Hello all, I've been following this thread for a while now...This is my first post. Anyway, I bought a 2x16 LCD display for a project I'm working on, but when it arrived, I realized the I/O holes are very small. I don't have any tools to measure exactly the diameter of the holes, but I couldn't fit a 0.5 mm piece of mechanical pencil lead through them. Anyway, I can't find any header pins on digikey that are small enough, so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I'd like to stay away from boring out the holes and soldering individual wires to each hole. Perhaps this LCD was intended to be used with a socket type device (like used with RAM and graphics cards, etc). Anyway, attached is a picture and the data sheet for the LCD... As you can see there are 22 pads at the bottom of the LCD. What you cannot probably see is the very small hole centered in each pad. The holes are spaced at 0.1" apart. The PCB is 3.5 mm thick. Thanks for any help.
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    Can U just solder stand off pins to the pads
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    measure the distance between pads. It should be either .100 inch or .156 inch.

    The connector is called a "card edge connector" They come in cable type, through hole, surface mount and a few other types for small mobile equipment.

    You will need the through hole or cable type depending on how you want to connect it.

    Digikey, Newark, Allied, etc. will all have lots of these in stock.

    Edit:I see you listed the spacing already Now just take a little time at the suppliers web site and you'll be golden.