Need help finding capacitor

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I am repairing a psu, and there is a capacitor in the output stage which I am trying to find.
Written over it is
IC 3.3K1000MWR
Googling,i found its from Illinois capacitors.but I am not able to find similar part no in their list.
Can someone explain what the nomenclature means and which is the exact part no?
Any help appreciated.


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Well, it appears to be metallized polyester film, but the part number and geometry seem to imply that it may be a custom part. I would guess it is rated for 1000V, but the capacitance must be more than 3.3nF.
Are you sure it's dead?


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It's 3.3 something, probably rated at 1000V.

The "K" could be the tolerance of the value. K = 10%.

Or the K could be 1000's picofarads but as someone said above, 3300pf or 3.3nF seems a bit low for it's size.

Could be 3.3μF 1000V. The "MWR" will probably the manufacturers product range.