need help finding a transformer

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Im trying to find a transformer that will supply 30 amps for a power supply circuit i built. I need the the need 28-30 vdc and 30 amps for a hho cell i built, if your wondering. here is the schematic i based my most of my psu on but switched to a lm317 instead of the 7812 also used a 100amp full bridge rectifier that i had. thanks for any help or info


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Basically this site is about science. HHO is not science, and we have had some very bad experiences with previous users. So it was decided that we will no longer host these discussions. If you want to see a more through discussion of why we do not support HHO and other perpetual motion machines you can look here.

No more HHO, overunity, or Meyer

It is a sticky on top of this forum.
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