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    Apr 27, 2009
    Hello, I am currently taking ECE 1, which is the first year electrical and computer engineering course.(I am a freshman) For our project, we have to build and run our cirucit of our choice. The circuit we decided to make was a infrared receiver and transmitter. Everything works great on it. Now, I need to describe how the circuits work. Since ECE 1 is a first year engineering class I don't have to get too technical but I need help explaining it to my class. This is where we obtained the kit:
    Here is the schematic for the transmitter:
    [​IMG]And here is the schematic for the receiver:
    [​IMG]I made these schematics in multisim. The transmitter works, but I couldn't find the MP3372P (Remote control amp and dector) so i tried making a custom component in multisim for it. It doesn't function but I mainly did it just for the layout. I understand that the photo pin diode converts light into voltage, the basics on the IR led, and the basic functionality of the capacitors and resistors but I can't piece everything together in order to see how it functions. Can anyone give me some insight on these circuits? Does anyone have suggestions for some readings? I really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
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    Look up the datasheets for the two U1 parts that you have. They will give you a large amount of detail as to the operation of the parts and, therefore, your design. Try typing in the part numbers into a search engine if you don't know who manufactured the parts.

    The datasheets will give some explanation as to how the components surrounding the part are selected. They will give you a lot of information so don't get overwhelmed. Start by just getting an overview of what the chips can do and then see how your circuits fit in, or resembles some of the examples given.