Need help converting 14.3-12v AC to 5v DC

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    Feb 13, 2010
    I'm looking to convert the ac power output of a snowmobile to 5v DC power.
    I've located a few schematics that convert 12v AC to 12v DC.

    I would need to use a 7805 regulator to step down to 5v DC instead of the 7812 shown in the schematic.

    I'm getting hung up on what capacitors, diodes, etc I will need to include, or I should restate, what the difference would be given that I will be stepping down to 5v DC instead of 12v DC as shown in the schematic.

    I will be using this to power either my GPS, cell phone or mp3 player but not simultaneously.

    Many Thanks

    IC1 Silicon Bridge Full Wave Rectifier
    IC2 7812 12vdc Voltage Regulator
    C1,C2 100 uF 50W Capacitor
    C3 .1 uF 50W Capacitor
    C4,C5 .22uF 50W Capacitor
    D1 15V Zener Diode

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    Right off the Data Sheet: