Need help convert LCD segment output to LED segment

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by metro10, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Sep 17, 2010
    Hi there..

    anyone may can help me fix this.

    I have one stuff the LCD display damaged and cant be fit new one ,because no more in the market.. And now i have and idea to used 7 Segment LED connect to the MCU..

    Because it have signal from MCU S0-S32 and COM0-COM2 and NC connect direct to the LCD.

    the circuit used uPD7514 and have LCD segment driver inside MCU.

    Now i have removed the LCD and check the line inside of the LCD.. now i know the PIN where they come from MCU and go to LCD ( pin ) each pin.

    But how I can covert this signal from S0-S32 to the new 7segment LED ?
    Because i think if used connect direct from this out to 7segment LED it will not work ?

    Because i saw that " sample "
    the signal from ie S1 go to the pin of LCD through " symbol " the liquid line on display and go through to the com line and the circuit go back to MCU.

    I dont know will have some IC to convert OUTPUT from MCU to drive 7segment ? and how about com line ? because all com line will go back to the MCU.

    If i used small 7 segment connect direct it will work ?
    anyone can help me about this :confused: