Need help constructing a circuit

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Hey guys i need help constructing a circuit. I wanted to construct a circuit to turn on and off an aftermarket iginition on my jetski without the use of a toggle switch. Basically the ignition turns on from a 12v supply to the system. I have power comming from a 12v battery to a relay coil which is connected to my start/stop switch, when the start button is pressed the coil is energized power from the battery will energizes the starter. When the start button is released the coil de-energizes and the motor stays running. A simple holding contact would solve my problem i could put a holding contact inbetween my battery line at the top of my coil to my iginition and a line from the bottom of the coil to the opposite side of the holding contact. So when the start button is pressed the contact will energize and hold my power. The only problem a holding contact is not practical in size. Is there a simple circuit i can construct that will do the same function as a holding contact. I have played around with a couple setups but couldnt get anything to work properly. Any help would be appreciated.