Need help choosing the right relay

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i am hoping someone can help me choose a proper relay for a project i am working on. basically i have a 28vdc source that needs to see 2 different currents when a normally open switch activates.

i need to alternate between 2.2k and 2.4k ohm resistors to make the current i need. with 2.4k on all the time and then switching to 2.2k when the switch on the other side closes.

i tried using an HFS2/A210d relay but i have no current on the switch side so it didn't work for me

basically it looks like this

/--------{2.4k resistor}------- 28vdc
\--------{2.2k resistor}------- 28vdc

edit; i cant seem to make the 2 resistance voltages line up properly, but they go on the right side of the relay if that makes sense.

sorry i'm not very good at making diagrams. any help would be much appreciated.



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You NEED to energize the relay coil to switch between the two lines.

You can use a leg off of your power source to a button to switch the states of the relay.

The voltage of the relay is in the data sheet, and usually printed on the relay.


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Is the controlling switch momentary or a two position toggle? Howabout using two resistors in series, 2* 2 k & 200. a switch shorts the 200 ohm when 2*2 k is desired. Do you need the relay for remote control?