Need Help Basic Electronic.

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Dear all

I'm taking a test with basic electronic. Unable to figure out this question. What is a shunt?..... 2 answer I remember 1. High resistance 2. Low Resistance and other 2 dont remember. Can someone help me explain what is a shunt mean.
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You'll have to refer to what your instruction has taught you, as that is the answer thier looking for. The term 'shunt' in electrical/electronics has a number of aspects that it can be applied to. To 'go around', or to 'drain away' could be 'shunting'. 'Shunts' in current measurement are typically shorting bars of very low, and more importantly 'known' resistance.


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A a high precision resistor which can be used to measure the current flowing through a circuit.

Using Ohm's Law we know that the voltage dropped across a resistor divided by the resistance of that resistor is equal to the current, therefore if we measure the voltage across a shunt resistor in a circuit, we can easily calculate the current.