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    hi everyone,

    this is my first post so don't let me down.

    i need an explanation for the ac transients , my exam is couple of days away and i need help , a good site or reference will help.

    thanks in advance
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    Jul 26, 2005
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    This specification describes a continuous duty,on-line inverter. DC power is converted to clean,conditioned AC power. The inverter shall operate in conjunction with the existing building/plant electrical systems to provide high quality power to the critical load.
    The inverter shall be a ferroresonant type, which generates single phase AC power. The inverter shall be capable of providing continuous and uninterruptible output power while operating from any DC source within the operating input range.

    The inverter bridge shall use power transistors, and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, (IGBT's) to generate the square wave input for the ferroresonant transformer.

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    A transient is an unwanted change in the amplitude of a signal for a very short period of time. Transients can cause circuits to malfunction.

    Transients can be created by mutual inductance or capacitance between two lines. A fast rising edge of a square wave on one line can cause a transient on an adjacent line.

    Transients are also created by race conditions in digital logic. A race condition develops when two paths to a gate are designed such that the time for the signal to propagate through one path is not equal to the time for a signal to propagate throough the second path. Hence the timing of the two signals at the gate is not correct and this can result in a transient on the output of the circuit.

    Your question is a very general one. Can you be more specific? I'm not sure what type of information would benefit you.