need help about smps

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dear friends im trying to drive the H-bridge with a ferrite transformer.but all the ways i tried i couldnt reach the answer.i tried on totem pole and other ways but:(plz help me how to drive and protect my mega mosfets:(


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Your "mega" mosfets MUST be driven with the correct mosfet driver. If not I can guarantee that they will be destroyed.

The driver must be able to supply 2 -3A into the gate to be able to quickly charge and discharge the gate-source capacitance. There are many integrated single, dual, high-side, low-side, full and half bridge driver I.C.s available. Go to the website of a semiconductor manufacturer and look at their products and application notes. Start with International Rectifier


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+1 to the solution from JDT. In the old days gate drive transformers were the only solution, but now the best/easiest is a gate driver.