Need Help about "Smart AC Plug Strip"

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(its my first time here.)

I am graduating engineering student and i am taking up a thesis subject. My thesis is all about the Smart Plug Strip. I do already read many articles about these Smart strips, a load sensing, timers, remotely controlled, etc.. What I think to do is to develop these strip by combining two or three of them, example, load sensing with timer, occupational with timer, etc, in a single OUTLET(like this, ). But i end up hanging in searching for Schematic Diagram of these strips. I already tried Libraries and Searching from google. I ask one of my mentors about these strips, and what he recommend to me is to go here in your Site. i already search and read your forums here, there are soo many interesting topics that i have read but unfortunately, i cannot change my topic now..:(:(:(:( i look for smart strip still i cant find it.:( can anyone help me about the schematic of these strips? i think of using it in 230v 60 Hz single appliances.

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Years ago, we had a unit that has several outlets on it. One outlet was the "Master" and others were either ON or OFF depending upon whether whatever was plugged into the "Master" was drawing current or not. Usually, we plugged the CRT monitor into the Master and the computer, printer, wall-wart for speakers, etc into the others. That was back when computers were turned on or off by a switch on the back that was part of the power supply. Again, that was years ago and I can't remember the name of the unit. It also had surge protection built in.


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My wife wasted some money on some 'power savers'. Essentially, you plug it into the wall, and then plug your laptop or cellphone charger into it. When the current drops below some minimum, it automatically disconnects power to the charger. You need to manually press a button to turn it back on again.

I had my netbook plugged in to one of them. I guess it doesn't use enough power as I came back to it a few times with a fully discharged battery.

I threw them in the trash.


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I built a similar device back in the 80's to sense when my TV was turned on (via its remote) to turn on other outlets so my stereo would also turn on and off with it. The device worked by resistive sensing of current in one outlet and using that voltage to turn on the other outlets. It had no other power source.

Sorry, all that stuff is direct line connections, and the TOS here doesn't allow such discussions.

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:( thanks for the reply seniors. i will include that comments sir, like that of joeyd999.:) i will try to find out why you threw that..

sorry sir ErnieM..:(

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