Need Help: 7 segment display based on input voltage

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Thanks for allowing me to join. I know my basics when it comes to electronics but when it comes to things such as this, I have to ask for help.

What I want to do is take a source voltage( 1-5v) in my case and basically make a 7 segment led display tell me the one digit voltage. So if I input one volt, i see "1". Input 2 volts, see "2" volts. Ive read about 4511's, analog to digital converters, etc. but I just can't link it all together. Any help would be great!!!


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I just implemented that with what is probably by far not the simplest solution, but a very flexible one.

I used Arduino (Pro Mini) microcontroller and it's ADC capabilities.


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If you want a way to do it with very simple components (but lots of them) go here:
In the circuits menu - analog/digital - flash ADC
and circuits - combinational logic - 7 segment decoder
You would really understand how it all works if you made it like that.
If you only want to go up to 5 you can cut a few components out.



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