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im tryin to buy a couple books on and on electric circuits and would like to kno ur opinions on some. Im still looking into them and would like as many refernces as possible :D . If u have or know of any good books plz post the title here and maybe some info on it. This help would be much appreciated..thx in advance



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Microelectronic Circuits - Sedra and Smith

Detailed book covering the basics from transistors and op amps, through more advanced general topics on analog and digital ICs, through to advanced specific topics such as memory structures and filters (this list is by no means exhaustive). The fifth edition of this book has a good emphasis on CMOS technology. This book is fairly heavy on the theory and Maths, so may not be suitable if you just want to get a grasp of the basic ideas.

The Art of Electronics - Horowitz and Hill

This book focuses on the ideas without placing to much emphasis on the Mathematical side of it. I covers pretty much the same topics as Sedra and Smith and you would find these two books are a superb compliment to each other. The only critcism I see levelled at The Art of Electronics is that it hasn't been updated since the early 90's, therefore some of the digital stuff is a little dated however it is certainly adequate for the basics of digital electronics.