Need code/help for programming a quadcopter

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    Sep 11, 2012

    I am building a Quadcopter and i am almost done with the construction part but i am having difficulty in programming the Quadcopter.I am familiar with C but i have never tried out Embedded C before.

    I would be great full if somebody could provide me the code for the Quad copter. I am using PIC 16F877A.


    The Quad copter will be switched on using a remote. Once switched on it will gain a height of 3 feet.(The distance of 3 feet can be measured by the formula Distance=Speed X Time).As soon as it attains a height of 3 feet it will move in a predefined spiral path (Radially Inward and Radially outwards). of 9X9 feet.On completion or on being switched off, the quadcopter will land at the very same place from where it started.

    Any help would be appreciated.