Need assistance with a scaling/offset circuit, followed by an LPF

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Tyler Bradbury

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I am trying to scale a voltage, offset it, and then send it through an LPF with a 1 time constant. I can scale it and offset it appropriately, but when I put it through a passive LPF, thi signal gets messed up. Here is a picture.

Question: I want 0-3.3v analog output. After the first stage, I get that. After my LPF, the signal goes to 1.6V and stays there. Why? How do i fix it? Is there a better way to do this?

Thank you in advance.


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Do you mean that the output is DC at 1.6 volts? If so the corner frequency is way too low. Sounds like a low pass filter that passes frequencies less than .001 Hz.

BTW that image is really crappy and I can't read the component values. You can include images in several formats as long as the are not multi-megabyte bitmap or jpeg files.