need analog voltage adder circuit

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    I have a circuit which has a varying input. The circuit produces an output voltage proportional to the input. The output voltage varies from 0.4vdc to 8.6vdc. I need to add between 0.1vdc and 0.5vdc to the output voltage. I think an op-amp based summer can do the job, but I am not sure. The available supply voltage 13.2vdc to 14.5vdc. Any thoughts on how to build a analog summer? Also, any thoughts on how to generate the 0.1vdc to 0.5vdc signal from the supply voltage?

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    Apr 20, 2004
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    A simple op amp wired as a summing amplifier can do the job.

    To obtain a voltage between 0.1V and 0.5V use a pot with two resistors in series with it (one between it and ground and the other between it and Vcc) as to set the limits. You can put a capacitor between ground and the wiper to smooth out any noise voltage from the supply.