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I need a tutor, who can help me to understand DC to AC inverter. I am a beginner. I really need to understand the basics. I will pay according to the market rate. Please respond. My email address is
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You will find, that troops on here are willing to help, 'cuz that's what we do a lot.
Some of us work, some don't, :p so responses may not be instant.

A thumbnail sketch of an inverter: Battery output - 12v -- must be run through appropriate transistor oscillator circuits, to break it up into pulses that will drive a transformer. and then run through circuitry to smooth the resultant waveform into something closely resembling sinusoidal as possible.


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Ask specific questions, the help here is both all volunteer and free. You will get a feel for those folks who know what they are talking about after you hang around for a while.