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Hey guys.
I'm trying to better understand the general system tree for anything I guess,
so I mapped out this diagram.

Please take a look at it, tell me what concepts are off, whats on the right track, that kind of stuff.
Thanks -_^

**And yes, I understand my knowledge of electronics is very handicapped. So don't bother flaming a pride that I don't have yet. ^_^


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Welcome to AAC

It would help the relevant experts if you penned a few lines explaining the purpose of your block diagram and what your difficulty is.


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You've drawn what can generally be called a 'single line drawing'. This is usefull for system overviews. All circuits can and will be depicted in single line to communicate it's layout.

Most circuit design starts off with these types of function blocks, but if the diagram is used by others, you would add more detail, breaking down control and data busses, and using symbols that more specifically describe the function blocks. ie; battery, keyswitches, etc. But as a first conceptual draft, keep it that simple so changes are easier as you migrate toward the finished product.

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Ah, forgive my lack of detail in the drawing and explanation.

Ok, I have a great example... take a look at this first though ^_^

Let's say we want to make this into a programmable hand-held computer.

We'll make it have an Intel Atom processor, with 2 SDHC slots for RAM and Secondary/Long Term Memory.
They'll be managed by a Pic Micro whcich I assumed was similar to the northbus in a computer...
Then I also assumed that it helped start the system by managing the power supply as well.

Then, again, like a desktop, there'd be a southbus which managed all of the i/o devices and the likes...
the northbus and the southbus communicate to bring it all together and have the systems's brain manage the I/O devices...
and of course after looking at other circuit projects with lcds and keypads, I see they tend to interact with their own micro controller which I assumed might communicate with the southbus...

It all sounds a bit odd, but I'm trying to figure out what communicates with what in a general computer circuit I guess...

-_^ Thanks for the info guys. If I need to explain myself better, feel free to call me out.
And now I know a little more about designing circuits hah.


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Something like this? -

You might need to get a good bit further along in the capabilities of the device. Things like the OS that will surely be in ROM, and what language will program it. A list of I/O devices and such would make sense, too.

Intel has a certain amount of support for their product -

You definitely need to do more research here -
I'm trying to figure out what communicates with what in a general computer circuit I guess...
Not too amazingly, everything has to talk to the CPU.