Need an old paper by R D Middlebrooke

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hello guys. if anyone is having any knowledge where I can find the below mention paper please let me know.
  1. Design techniques for preventing input-filter oscillations in switched-mode regulators, by R D Middlebrooke


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Do you mean this?

Middlebrook, R. D., and Slobodan Cuk, Advances in Switched-Mode Power Conversion, Volumes I and II, 2nd Edition, TESLAco, 1983. 533 p. Available from TESLAco, #10 Mauchly, Irvine, CA 92718, Phone (714) 727-1960. (First edition c 1981.)

The first two volumes in the collected papers of the Power Electronics Group of the California Institute of Technology. See Cuk for the third volume.

Volume I (Modeling, Analysis, and Measurement) paper titles are:

  • Power Electronics: An Emerging Discipline;
  • Power Electronics: Topologies, Modeling, and Measurement;
  • Low-Frequency Characterization of Switched Dc-to-Dc Converters;
  • Describing Function Properties of a Magnetic Pulse-Width Modulator;
  • A Continuous Model for the Tapped-Inductor Boost Converter;
  • A General Unified Approach to Modeling Switching-Converter Power Stages;
  • Input Filter Considerations in Design and Application of Switching Regulators;
  • A General Unified Approach to Modeling Switching Dc-to-Dc Converters in Discontinuous Conduction Mode;
  • Modeling and Analysis Methods for Dc-to-Dc Switching Converters;
  • Design Techniques for Preventing Input-Filter Oscillations in Switched-Mode Regulators;
  • Modeling and Analysis of Switching Dc-to-Dc Converters in Constant-Frequency Current-Programmed Mode;
  • Characterization and Implementation of Power MOSFETs in Switching Converters;
  • Transformer Modeling and Design for Leakage Control;
  • State-Space Average Modeling of Converters with Parasitics and Storage-Time Modulation;
  • Predicting Modulator Phase Lag in PWM Converter Feedback Loops;
  • Using Small Computers to Model and Measure Magnitude and Phase of Regulator Transfer Functions and Loop Gain;
Volume II (Switched-Mode Topologies) paper titles are:

  • Basics of Switched-Mode Power Conversion: Topologies, Magnetics, and Control;
  • A New Optimum Topology Switching Dc-to-Dc Converter;
  • Coupled-Inductor and Other Extensions of a New Optimum Topology Switching Dc-to-Dc Converter;
  • Switching Dc-to-Dc Converter with Zero Input or Output Current Ripple;
  • Discontinuous Inductor Current Mode in the Optimum Topology Switching Converter;
  • Isolation and Multiple Output Extensions of a New Optimum Topology Switching Dc-to-Dc Converter;
  • A New Battery Charger/Discharger Converter;
  • A Conceptually New High-Frequency Switched-Mode Amplifier Technique Eliminates Current Ripple;
  • Modeling and Design of the Cuk Converter;
  • Design of a Kilowatt Off-Line Switcher Using a Cuk Converter;
  • General Topological Properties of Switching Structures;
  • A New Zero-Ripple Switching Dc-to-Dc Converter and Integrated Magnetics;
  • Advances in Switched-Mode Power Conversion, Part 1;
  • Advances in Switched-Mode Power Conversion, Part 2.