Need an Expanded scale volt meter cct

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The meter on my mobility scooter sits at 26v even when the batteries are dead flat, the driver has died is my guess.
I'm looking for a schematic for a 4 to 6 Led read out covering 22v to 26v or there abouts or perhaps a drive cct for an LCD meter covering the same range.
Building it won't be a problem my son & I both have Assoc Dip in electronics.
If anyone can point me to a circuit, it would be much appreciated.
Cheers Damien.

David Bridgen

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Not exactly an answer to your particular requirement. i.e. using l.e.ds, but I once made an expanded scale voltmeter by sticking a 10V zener in series with a milliameter and multipier R to measure from 10 to 16V for a garage mechanic.