Need advice on extending ribbon cable for integrated camera board.

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    Jan 8, 2013
    I have a camera that is connecting a camera lens assembly to an all in one camera. However I want to embed the camera lens separate from the rest of the body (make it extendable). Is there an easy way to do this? I've attached an image of the type of cable connecting the lens assembly to the body. I would like to replace that cable to be 1 to 2 feet long.
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    Do-able? Yes. Easy? No.

    Might be hard to find, but I would search for a two-ended 24-pin (or however many wires that connector is) SMT flat ribbon cable; 2 of those matching sockets, and make a Gender Changer board for them. Then plug the camera into the G/C, one end of the extender into the G/C, and the other back into the camera control board.

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    (Read further for a more difficult, but more robust way of doing it)

    I would start by seeing if any of those pins are tied to ground, and combining those to cut down on the total number of wires you are needing to extend. Then, I'd order or salvage a few of those sockets, and wire them up pin-to-pin to something more easily dealt with, like a DB-25 plug/socket.

    The hardest part would be de-converting the extended cable back to the camera board. you really cant solder to the ribbon, and trying to solder 24 hairline wires to those pins is VERY tricky. Best option is to use a 'patch' ribbon with the same specs as the original, plug one end into that board in your hands, plug the free ribbon end into a mating connector, the solder that connector to your preferred connector.
    You can then use whatever extension cable you've wired for, and then reconvert it back to the ribbon cable on the camera side.

    So, in other words, it goes like this:
    Camera_Control_Board > patch ribbon cable > SMT/thru-hole adapter > Extender cabling > thru-hole/SMT adapter > Camera lens ribbon cable
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