Need advice choosing Li-Ion recharger IC

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I'm planning to power a portable device with a pair of non-removable cell phone (Li-Ion) battery packs, which will be recharged using a micro-USB wall wart. That calls for charging circuit with DC-DC boost conversion. I have ZERO experience working with either battery charging ICs or with SMPS's.

I could use advice/help in moving forward from someone who's done this before / does this all the time.
I feel overwhelmed by the volume of choices out there. Can anyone recommend a part that would be appropriate for an SMPS newbe (I'm in the pre-newbe wannabe class)? For prototyping I'd like to work with something in a DIP, SOIC or SOT-23 package (in that order of preference).

My current frontrunner is BQ2000T: It looks like a simple and flexible device suited to the job, and perhaps to the developer. The design note contains a buck/boost sample circuit which I don't understand. To me it basically looks like it has classic buck topology.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
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