Need a timed, engine shut down circuit

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I am new to the site and want to say Hi. I need a circuit that I could use spark induction from a spark plug wire , On the first spark it has a 7 sec. timer, when engine runs above 3k RPM's within the first 7 sec it will kill the coil so there will be no spark. After 7 sec. engine runs normal. thanks If anyone can help me with this


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This is not for automotive if that's what you mean. I need it to shut a ultralight 1 cyclender engine down .
I'm guessing that would be off limits too. The reason for the automotive restriction is one of liability. I would thing an ultralight would be x10 of the automotive liability.

But mods will have to weigh in.

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This is more of a safety thing , I need somthing that will shut the engine down while on the ground say if the throttle was stuck wide open while is was being started . Now if the engine was stuck wide open at first start that would be 10X worse then a car I just want to prevent that .


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That may be your intention, but that is irrelevant. What happens if the device is activated while in flight. This kind of system is a bad idea because it cannot be made safe. It is the same for a device connected to the mains without an isolation transformer. This is the board of little sympathy and zero tolerance.


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I am closing this thread as it violates AAC policy and/or safety issues.

It is not directly automotive, but safety can not be garanteed.

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