need a small wireless still camera

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Hi all.

I'm looking to put together a still color camera that can take images of at least 800x600 resolution and automatically transfer then to a computer via wireless connection (802.11). I need the combined unit to be as small as possible. I have limited passing experience with electronics, but finding parts and planning something like this is out of my league. I assume I'll need:

  • board camera (I've heard CCD gives clearer images)
  • 802.11 wireless transmitter chip
  • some sort of memory unit to store the image as its taken
  • microprocesser (to facilitate automatic wireless transfer of the image)
  • power source

I've also looked around to see if anyone makes a small camera with wireless capabilities, but it seems that they are all video cameras, not still cameras, and don't have particularly good resolution.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance