need a simple digital clock circuit


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I remember that there was one chip with almost all the circuitry needed for a digital clock. Only the LCD/LED display, the buttons and the PSU (of course) were to be added. But I don't remember the reference.


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You could try with the LM8562 - Digital Alarm Clock. It also contains an 7 segment display output and alarm.
Edit:I did a search and didn't found a supplier for the LM8562, but you could try with the DS1302 from Maxim IC's.


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check this out

if your not keen on micros maybe you can try several chips like;

7400 - TTL quad nand
7473 - TTL JK Flip Flop
7447 - TTL BCD 7 segment Decoder/Driver
7413 - TTL Dual 4 input Schmitt Trigger (if you could still find one)
7490 - TTL Decade & Binary Counters

however this functions in a 24 hr. mode


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That may be, but the chip was the first LSI ic. It was in a Heathkit digital alarm clock that also used Sperry-Rand displays that were a neon seven segment equivalent of a Nixie tube. After 35 years, it may be hard to find.