Need a relay or other solution for 250v 50 amps?

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Hi, I am starting work on a coil gun, I am going to use a nerf longshot as the body for it since there is a fair bit of room and it looks good in black.

Anyways I just salvaged two 250v 4400uf capacitors, and I need a solution to trigger them. I have found relays rated up to 70 amps but the voltage rating is where the problem lies. I want to use something like a relay, or some other method that can be triggered by a lower voltage. I am going to have a small lever switch behind the trigger, and that is what will fire the coil gun.

What can I use to accomplish this? Are there relays that meet these specifications? Are they super expensive? What other solution could I use?


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This thread violates the AAC Terms of Service, Chapter 6 on Rail/Coil guns. Therefore it will be closed.

Thank you for your understanding.
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