Need a favor from any US based member

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I would be really grateful if any one can ship an item to me via express mail or USPS ( with tracking ) of a tread mill belt that I bought and they say it got returned with a bogus lie.
They said my address is wrong when paypal has it correct and I can get items from ebay.

I bought from ebay, and when I escalated the case ebay gave me a full refund.

I need the belt and will gladly pay plus any fee added to the member via paypal.

Can any one do this for me please. I need the belt desperately.:(


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Its a federal crime to mess with the U.S. mail.
They will visit you In the Maldives,any where
the mail go's they have Inspectors.

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Doesn't the drugs just wash up on the beach down there? Had some wash up near the Space center not to long ago...
You would not believe how often that happens....
Recently they found some weighing in kilo's hidden in the reef.


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Back in the 80's and early 90's you could actually go look for em floating in the ICW (InterCoastalWaterway). You could find em about 50% of the time. Now adays its not near as common but you do hear of em being found about every couple weeks, by fisherman usually. If you figure half turn em in, theres still quite a few square grouper swimming around.

All thats gonna change with the NAFTA and mexican trucking companies. Figure the cartels can afford to buy the trucking companies. Its gonna be a free for all for the cartels to truck as much as they want right over the boarder with no suspicion at all. So the days of air drops to speed boats and submarines are about gone. We actually had a local marine company that was busted building submarines for the cartels just last year. What sad is they had been doing it since 2001. They charged $500,000 each. Cost's were around $50,000.
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