Need a chip tester for Lucent transceivers homebuilt/commercial

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    Jan 24, 2013
    I need to be able to test old Lucent/Agere/AT&T transceivers, such as model BTL1A16P. I know nothing at all about electronics, I just know that I need these chips to work. I can test them where I use them, but that is not real practical.

    If you have something that can test these, or can make something that can test these, even pass/fail, I'm all ears. I have four different transceivers that I am interested in testing. I have other chips as well, but these are my most pressing concern. Thank you for looking, hopefully I'm posting in the right place. My email is cs8815 at aol dot com.
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    Feb 19, 2009
    I found this Datasheet on a REceiver with the same last part of digits. They are marked as quad differential receivers.

    For a circuit like that, you'd need to build a custom test rig to make sure they meet all specifications. This would get expensive quickly, depending on what is defined as "pass/fail". e.g. "Not Shorted"=pass is do-able.

    Testing signal integrity, you'd need to create and feed a differential signal, then compare the output to ensure they are within specifications.

    How many of the ICs do you have? Are they to go into equipment that works, or for a new design?

    Outside of Logic ICs, fully testing an IC is a large endeavor that a simple circuit (microcontrollers are included in "simple") will not be able to fully say the chip passes specifications.
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    Jan 24, 2013
    Thank you for the reply.

    Quad differential receiver, that's it.

    They are in a pre-existing board, I have.....a couple hundred, maybe? The problem with testing them in the board is that bad ons sometimes take out good ones.

    When you say expensive, what is expensive? The rig that I have seen has what I assume to be a programmed chip, then a bunch of resistors, I don't actually know if it is looking for shorts or functionality.

    Thank you for your time:)