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    i need the e-book plzzzzzzzzzz.

    Course : telecommunication system

    outlines: Analog modulation schemes: AM, DSBSC, SSB, FM and PM; FDM and FDMA concepts; Carrier frequency recovery and phase locked loop. AM & FM broadcasting systems; TV systems; Analog cable systems; Analog Mobile System (AMPS). Partial digital systems: PAM, PCM, DPCM, Delta Modulation; TDM and TDMA; Frame synchronization. Telephone systems (TDM); Digital Satellite systems (TDMA). Simple Digital Systems: Binary Modulation, QPSK, Binary FSK. TDMA/FDMA, phase recovery and timing recovery; Digital Mobile Systems (IS54, GSM and Japanese system). Satellite Mobile Systems. Simple network concepts: Telephone network, packet switched and circuit switched, simple concept of ISDN, ATM for optical fiber network. How does your telephone work? How does the mobile base-station find a moving mobile phone user? (Visit Telstra Tower (Mechanical switch)). Key problems of all these systems: bandwidth, noise performance, delay, cost, and environment. The key information theoretic limitations.
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