Need 36 Volt power supply, where can I find one?

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Hi there fellas. I need to get a 36 volt transformer, AC, ~80 watts for a power supply that I am building. The supply will function via a linear regulator (LM338K) Wile I know that it can release ~5 amps, datasheet says it can do more w/ proper heat sink and adequate timing. I will use some form of microcontroller (eg. pic) to alter the voltage and regulate current via transistor. But that's besides the point.

I want to know where I can find a powerful transformer that would be able to supply me with >60 watts of power @ 36 volts. I tried looking at the microwave transformer, but I was afraid that it would kill me, so i stopped there. Honestly I don't really know much about AC, but really just need some supply from my wall. I am superintendent in the building here in NY so people thow lots of crap out, so I want to know if any particular appliances may contain such a powerful supply. Or is it worth just buying a supply? Or is it better to use three 12v supplies and connect 'em via serial (is it OK?)

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Never use a microwave tx unless if you want to kill ur self.

U can get a tx from HiFi sets. Anything mid end stereo receiver will have what u are looking for.
Or try ebay.

And yes u can connect tx in series to increase the voltage. But u need to make sure that he Tx's current rating of the secondary should handle what you want.
If it is 5 amps u want ur power supply to handle then tx's secondary winding must be rated more than that.

First try to find any and all the tx u can get ur hands on from scraps and the likes, come back with pictures of them. Remember to take all the data necessary or write them down. An important info is the power written behind any appliances. It gives a good figure on how much the tX inside can handle. So note down any relevant info before u throw out the rest like the housing or casing of anything