nedd help about Hspice simulation

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Hello Everybody

In this circuit

The diode current is :
Rich (BB code):
iD = 200*(vD-0.5)^2             vD>=0.5
iD = 0                          vD<=0.5
And the output is "Diode Voltage"

I MUST define the diode as a voltage controlled current source
It is my program
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option post 
.tran 0.5ns  500us
.PRINT TRAN v(1,2)
r1 1 0 80
r2 2 3 20
i1 1 0 25m
Vs 3 0 sin(0 0.1 5k 0 0 90)
GD1 1 2  CUR='200*(V(1,2)-0.5)*(V(2,1)-0.5)*(-1)'    
But my teacher say me it is Wrong

I define the blue line as COS but Hspice show this Error :
**error** no definition for 0:cos
it was called by 0:vs
Also I change the red line with

Rich (BB code):
GD1 1 2  CUR='200*(V(1,2)-0.5)*(V(1,2)-0.5)*'
Rich (BB code):
GD1 1 2  CUR='200*pow(V(1,2)-0.5,2)'
Rich (BB code):
GD1 1 2  CUR='200*sqr(V(1,2)-0.5)'
and Simulation not work

Help me plz :confused:

[ Excuseme if my english is not good :D ]



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A reply only takes a minute.

Useful replies take a lot longer.

I'm not familiar with HSpice, I'd never heard of it before. Perhaps that is why you are not getting any responses, as other people are not familiar with it either.

Perhaps you should ask on a board dedicated to HSpice questions.
Here is one:

You posted in the wrong area, as this is a school assignment. It belongs in the "Homework Help" forum.