Necessity of solar energy in modern era.

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    For many years, Solar Energy has been the power supply of choice for Industrial applications, where power is compulsory at remote locations. This means in these applications that solar power is economic, without subsidy. Most systems in individual uses require a few kilowatts of power.

    Apart from off-grid homes, other remote buildings such as schools, community halls, and clinics can all benefit from electrification with Solar Energy. This energy can be used as Solar Lanterns,Solar Water Pumping System,Reading Lamp,Path Way Light,Solar Power Fencing,LED Based Street Light,Solar Charge Controllers ,Solar Photo Voltaic Module and also provides power for TV, video, telephony and a range of refrigeration equipment, which is available to meet World Health Organization standards for vaccine refrigeration, for instance.

    Rather than base Solar power generation on individual dwellings, it is also possible to configure central village power plants that can either power homes via a local wired network, or act as a battery charging station where members of the community can bring batteries tobe recharged.
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    News to me. A generator and a barrel of diesel is just too dependable, especially up here in the cold north. Solar is a wonderful thought, by with it's efficiencies, why is it a neccessity?
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    New York City long term plans Is far away from solar or (green),
    they are putting super conductor sub stations underground to
    protect there grid from trouble. The system has super cool curcuits
    to carry voltage.
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    For the last few billion years it's been the power supply of choice for this entire planet. I might be dense, but I'm missing your point.
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