Neat Ohms law sticker

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The color, shape, and logo are copyrighted, the laws are not. You could design your own chart. Hell I'll whip you guys up a desktop.


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I keep a roll of carpet tape around myself. It is double sided, and extremely tough. You can attach it anything, and make a label out of it.


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Scotch 77 spray adhesive. Makes anything a sticker, a little permanent though, so if you print out that chart on an ink jet, be sure to spray it with Fixative (from an art store, best choice), or clear paint ( second choice, may cause colors to bleed if put on too thick).


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No need for a sticker. Just learn that the definition of resistance is voltage divided by current. Use algebra to get the other forms.

Basic physics tells us that the change in kinetic energy of a charge q "falling" through a potential V is qV. Thus,

\(\Delta (Energy) = i \Delta t V\)

Divide by \(\Delta t\) and take the limit to get P = Vi. Derive other forms via algebra.

Good -- just saved a tree. Oh, OK -- if you need the chart, write it on the wall with a felt pen. :p


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I could swear I saw that labeled as "wire wheel" in the 1970's.
(Not with the background drawing and the color.)
I can never remember all the variations of those 2 equasions.
I think I'll print this and tape it to my workbench.
Thank you.