Nambour Solar Hot Water

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Who knows the circuit of a solar panel?
I have a plan to use a solar panel for my lighting supply for my indoor garden.
Please give a suggestion about my plan.

Thank you Guys.


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Lighting an indoor garden from a solar panel is unlikely to work well unless the garden is very small in relation to the size of the panel. Even with the most efficient available panels and lamps, the total light energy obtained at the output can only be a small percentage of the input. Possibly this would be more successful as a means of extending the day length if the garden receives some natural light during the day.

Such a setup would normally involve large storage batteries, a charge controller, and a lighting system, probably LED nowadays. I do not think that you will be able to get "a circuit" that will let you do this easily for yourself - you may do better to look into commercial suppliers of solar power systems.


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I have a plan to use a solar panel for my lighting supply for my indoor garden.
So why does your title mention hot water? Solar water heating is reasonably efficient.

Conversion of sunlight to electricity in a battery and back again to light is maybe 5% efficient before considering the inefficiency of the LEDs and the wavelength considerations. Shifting wavelength - from unused wavelengths into the right wavelengths for plants - might be a way to gain efficiency overall, but without attention it'll more likely work against you. You'll take good sunlight and convert it to useless light.

What are you really trying to do?