My teacher asked me for a simple PCB with 4 plugs,can you give me some advice ?


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I need to make it on Express PCB and i'm new to it.
Download and install the program.

In the top row of buttons, click on the Component Manager button (opamp shaped symbol with a finger on it).

Scroll down to the connectors and pick an appropriate 5 pin and place it. Do the same for the 2 pin connector. You can use copy and paste to copy and place 2 more instances of the 2 pin connector.

Select the Place Trace button from the left menu. Route the trace by clicking the left mouse button. Click right mouse button to terminate trace.

It took me all of 10 minutes to download, install, and learn how to use it well enough to do your task.


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What are the part numbers of the connectors?

This is really the hard part of designing a board- there are thousands of different types of connectors, it's dizzying to search through and find an appropriate part.

Even if you know the general type of connector you want it's hard to find the correct variant of the connector.
Your teacher is giving you a "meta lesson" here, and a good one at that.

The actual layout should be a breeze after you sweat through a million connectors...


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@Stefan Gutau

1. Express PCB has very good tutorials, read them.
2. Download the data sheets for all the components.
3. ExpressPCB has a standard library of parts. Find the schematic symbols and the PCB patterns that corresponds to each component.
4. Create a schematic for the design. All components must be named.
5. In PCB, pull each pattern for the components and place them around the board. Name each component the same as the schematic.
6. Link the schematic to the PCB.
7. Place traces per the link tool.
8. Argue with your teacher because they did not give you enough information.
9. Correct routing per the new information that your teacher finally gave you.
10. Send design to teacher.
11. Celebrate with friends.