My project is a mobility scooter

Discussion in 'The Projects Forum' started by thehippy, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Aug 28, 2012
    Let me tell you a bit about myself first as im very much new to this. Im very much new to in depth electronics but am qualified as a level 3 mechanic. I bought this mobility scooter from a local charity shop. Its a celebrity x6 8mph up to 28 mile driving length. The thing is im not disabled but see these as a mode of transport. Very eco friendly, as it needs no tax nor mot or in fact anything to use its cost effective and by all means id like to say its unique. I don't wish to offend anyone at all.

    First things first ill pretty much need help with everything and only want really to post it in this thread as not to blag anyones threads. If you are interested in any way in lending expertise it is very much welcomed.

    The first thing id like to discuss is would it be possible to fit a sort of alternator from a truck (obviously 24v). I figure if i can recharge the battery whilst its its moving makes it a renewable energy mode of transport. In theory i could mechanically fit it with a puly off the back axle. The questions i have are is it possible to recharge a mobility scooter battery whilst moving? and what complications may i run into?
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    I actually have a project (Currently on hold) that utilizes the drive system and lower frame of a mobility scooter (Jazzy 5000)..... anyways, I had thought the same thing about this system (Since it will be a robot platform) I needed a way to keep the batteries charged or charging while in use, I tried the generator off of a pulley setup, but the "load" on the generator just caused the scooter motors to draw more power to overcome this "drag" that the generator induced into the drive system, so in short, you could do it, but the amount of charge versus draw will not be equal, you will use more than what you produce (Plus a truck alternator will have to be spun up to 500 rpm's just to get any use out of it, I doubt you will be cruising fast enough to get it up to that speed), you would be better off implementing some sort of solar panel array to charge the batteries when not in use, or use an extra set of batteries to use as a backup system, when the primaries need to charge, the system could switch to the secondary bank and charge the first.....