My new way to make small PCBs

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I made a pantogram from lollypop sticks and machine screws and nuts, the centre one is sharpened to scribe on the copper clad board. The distance between all adjacent screws is equal to make a 2:1 reduction.
The design is printed at double size and then traced with the screw on the right side, applying a little pressure to the scribe, the left side screw is fixed.
Then it just needs going over with an etch resist pen (I use an Edding 404) and etching.
For scale the pads with holes are 2.54mm (0.1 inches) spacing.



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I use carbon paper to do that,I place a carbon paper over the board and use the PCB print out to trace and over the trace I use etch resist pen.


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Pretty cool pantograph technique Mark!

I guess you have already thought of mounting the sharpie pen in the pantograph and drawing the PCB as you go (instead of afterward)?


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Yep that's what I thought, you need a lot of fine hand control to get those thin traces.

Anyway thanks for sharing, i had seen pantographs used in engraving before but never for PCB reduction. :)