My "new" oscilloscope

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OK, so it's not new; in fact, it's next to obsolete, but I am thrilled. I bought it at a yard sale for $2, and it seems to work. :D

The faceplate is a little marked, but otherwise it's clean, and it has two probes. The screw-on hook on one of the probes is broken, but maybe I can find a replacement.

At the very least, I can learn about scope operation and features, so that if I buy a better one, I will know what to look for.

Oh yeah, I need to find a manual for it.


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That may be the best deal I've ever heard of for a working scope.
Yes, when I first saw it, I looked at the tag three times to be sure of the price, and then I told the man I would take it, and then, I asked him if it worked. He said it did, but I didn't even try it there. I didn't want him to change his mind. :)


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Congratulations! That was the best deal I've ever heard so far and I dont think anyone is going to break this record.

I think Leader is Japanese. You have to get it's user manual and usually the schematics are included in the last few pages. I bought my Hitachi 212 scope in the 80's in Japan and some of the electrolytics are getting old and I have changed a few of them recently. I also have another Tektronic 475 100MHz scope complete with service manual and trolly.

Hope you enjoy the scope like I have.:cool:



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That is a great find! I hope you have a lot of fun playing around with it. The deal I got was good, perhaps not as good as yours. The school I graduated from upgraded all their equipment and sold the old stuff to the students. I got a powersupply, function generator, benchtop multimeter, and oscilloscope for $40.


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I bought a bunch of HP120B's well over 20 years ago, working for $10, nonfunctional for $5. Not a great scope, but they were good for rough projects. You've that that deal (all my friends got scopes that day).


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I beat the price; I got a working scope for free. But it is a real cheapo scope compared to that one! Good buy.