My computer got Hacked

Discussion in 'Computing and Networks' started by Michael Lin, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Michael Lin

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    Sep 20, 2005
    Hi All,

    I searched for a joystick picture online the other day, the computer automatically downloaded a file called "joystick network" into my program files without me knowing. I looked into the file to see what it was last night, and the hacker successfully got into my computer. The file was called "myurlagain.exe" or something of that nature. He began typing weird stuffs on whatever application I was using. I quarantined the program with my Bit Defender security software and ran a virus scan, in which it caught a Win32 file and quarantined that. How can I be sure that the hacker can not access my computer anymore?

  2. Brandon

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    Dec 14, 2004
    got to find the hole.

    Make sure you have all the current patches & updates.

    Scan all files u download before you open them.

    Get a firewall program like ZoneAlarm.

    I stay away from IE and prefer to use open source apps like Firefox as they dont use Active X. You won't have the same functionality, but I honestly haven't noticed an issue yet and it has been a while using firefox. Just keep IE for windows update or what you NEED it for, otherwise don't use it. typically if its internet related and made by MS, avoid it, safest advice.

    Disable unnecessary services.
  3. Dave

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    Nov 17, 2003
    Firstly, ensure you are running an upto date AV and have a firewall installed and running. If you haven't taken these two precautions you should unplug your PC from the Internet until you have done so.

    Secondly, assuming you are running Windows, obtain all security updates from Windows Update at the MS website. If you are using any other OS get the relevant updates for that system.

    Thirdly, sure up your security software. If your wanting to do this for free there are several good application available. Download the following:


    Spybot S&D

    Spyware Doctor

    Spyware Blaster

    Spyware Guard

    You could also consider purchasing Ad-Aware and Spyware Doctor, which would give real-time protection for your PC. Alternatively, consider purchasing Webroot Spy Sweeper.

    When you have these applications, update regularly (about once a week) and scan just like AV. You may think its a little OTT to have so many applications but you will find they find different things (that AV software doesn't), also Spyware Blaster/Guard are preventative measures to protect you from the installation of Spyware through Active-X and by placing rogue sites in your restricted Internet zone.

    The above software should place you on solid ground.

    Finally, you must make a decision about the web browser you use. If you use Internet Explorer you will need to ensure you are using the SP2 version and have all security patches installed. In addition you will need to lock down your Internet zone to prevent you from becoing infected when surfing the web. If you wish to do this then let me know and I will provide you with some guidance on how to do this.

    Alternatively, (and this is my recommendation) change your web browser. Brandon has mentioned one such possibility Mozilla Firefox, however recently Firefox has proved to susceptable to problems. A better alternative would be Opera, which is arguably the safest web browser available, compare vulnerabilities:


    Mozilla Firefox

    Internet Explorer

    So hopefully the above will provide you with some food for thought. If you are still concerned then you could obtain a HijackThis log and upload the log to a site like Spyware Info, who will analyse your log and tell you if there are any further problems, and give you advice on how to deal with any problems that may still be present.

    EDIT: Also I'm moving this to the Off-Topic Lounge since it isn't really a programing question.
  4. Firestorm

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    Jan 24, 2005
    The hacker is probably gone but you have an open port somewhere. My best advise is to scratch windows and go with linux but I doubt you will wanna do that since your used to windows so much. I use firefox(linux browser), and haven't had any problems. You will probably have a nasty bug or virus embedded in your code somewhere but virus scanners should take care of that. Make sure youf firewall is enabled. Good luck!

  5. Brandon

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    Dec 14, 2004
    The main benefit is that linux comes with everything off so its secure from the get go whereas windows is like buying a huge house with hidden doors and most of them are unlocked.

    Just get into the guts of your windows system and you can lock it down quite nice and for free. No need to buy any software. There are tons of tweak faqs around on how to optimize windows XP and turn it into a streamlined (for an MS product) OS, also a few books around, but I'm all into not spending a dime. has some GREAT tools for internet security. His webpage will also attempt to probe your ports and find open problems as well as some service security issues. Also explains how to close them. UPnP and the DCOMbobulator are 2 nice tools Gibson wrote.
  6. fredboy

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    Oct 26, 2005
    Sorry to hear about the hack - som epeople are abusers of the net. One very useful site for help on identifying open ports is - there are a number of useful programs to check your port security and also to identify other risks associated with W9x operating systems. I agree with the other suggestions made, particularly avoiding MS products like Internet Explorer. Zone Alarm, AntiVir, Spybot, AdAware, and Search and Destroy are all free programs and are good examples of the kind that are essential nowadays.
    Best of luck in keeping control of your computer