My bed needs an upgrade...

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    I'll start off with the story, but if you want to skip to the meat of the post just skip down to the last paragraph or so.

    I am looking for a little advice. My issue is that the people who designed my bed (it looks something like this) decided that the lights in the "bridge" along the top should both be controlled by a single push button switch located in the headboard. Actually, I suppose I don't really have a problem with that, so much as I have a problem with where they located said switch... in this case they placed it far to one side of the headboard where only one of the people using the bed can easily access it.

    Now, the first of the easy answers to this problem, as I see it, is to simply relocate the switch to somewhere in the middle of the headboard. This is doable, but it is somewhat undesirable for three reasons.

    1) It would leave a hole where the switch originally was located, this would have to be capped or filled., and it probably would still be noticeable... and as it currently resides on my wife's side of the bed, I would no doubt have to hear about it regularly.
    2) The center area of the headboard is considerably more viewable than the typically covered end sections, and the current switch is less than aesthetically pleasing. Using another type of switch may be an option... but I would prefer to keep the center area clear except as a last resort.
    3) Where is the fun in using an EASY solution :D

    The second solution I came up with was adding another push button switch to my side of the bed, and splitting up the lights so that each of us could control our own light easily. This solution would work better than the first, but it too has it's issues.

    1) After consideration, I would prefer to have two switches that each control both lights. This prevents the situation where the partner might leave their light on, requiring the same "someone has to climb over someone else" issue we started with.
    2) Not to mention that I am looking forward to the "light wars" when one of us wants the light on/off and the other does not. :D (I know... but that's just the kind of guy I am)
    3) This solution is still way too easy and I would not be here asking for input from you guys


    Here is what I really wanted to discuss with you folks, I have come across a pair of vandal-proof switches, and I want to try to use them in this project because I like the look and feel they provide. My problem then becomes how do I make a couple momentary-on 2A @ 48VDC switches control the two lights above the bed?

    • Are any of you aware of a product on the market that I can use/modify to fit my needs?
    • I've been looking at some relay flip-flop circuits that would do the job for me (I think) but I would like to bounce the idea off some more knowledgeable people first.
    Well, I think that about covers it... any advice/comments welcome. Thanks in advance. Oh, and nice to meet you all too :)

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    How about this example. Typically in switch lighting for stairs there is a switch at the bottom and at the top of the stairs. Either switch can turn on or off the light. Would that work for you?