mutual inductance, RLC oscillator

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    Jan 12, 2010
    Hi, I have an application where I am discharging a capacitor through a resistor and inductor, and I would like to wirelessly receive this signal when it discharges. The voltage across the cap is initially in the range of about 500mV, and the current in the micro amp range when discharging. My LC is such that the oscillation frequency will be in range of about 100 MHz. Can anyone provide me with some information to about how to wirelessly receive this signal? How do I size the receiver inductance, how to design the ampliier circuit etc.? Thank you.
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    100MHz is in the middle of the FM radio broadcast band.
    Your signal has a HUGE level.

    My home stereo FM tuner receives a signal 100 times less very well.
    My Sony Walkman radio receives a signal 10 times less pretty well.
    My "radio" from The Dollar Store has trouble picking up the signal when it is across the street.

    Your simple questions indicate that you need to learn a lot about electronics.
    There are a few teachers or professors here, I am not one of them.