Musical LED Table

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    Mar 31, 2010
    hello everybody, i have been breaking my head for these past couple of weeks researching. i've spent hours google-ing and have even asked on a couple different forums for some help but nobody has yet to even reply. i have been reading some post and replies and i feel like my head breaking research is finally over.

    i am building a table with some car speakers built into it. i want to wire 290 LEDs to light with the music. i know how to hook them up to work but i want them to work for long periods of time without them burning out. i need help with the resistor part. i went to radioshack and bought some 270 and 330 ohm resistors, and a LED, but it doesn't seem to light as bright as what it does without. i want to make them light as bright as they can without burning them out. i have little knowledge about electrical circuits, but only from what i have learned from the internet and youtube. so i have a few questions...

    Should i wire the LEDs in series or parallel?
    What size resistor?
    How many resistors?
    Where do the resistors go?
    Am i gonna need any transistors?
    Somebody Please Help!! for more info please ask. Thanks
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    Apr 20, 2004
  3. aespino88

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    Mar 31, 2010
    thanks but i'm not using different LEDs. i'm painting the whole table black with a green stripe around the perimeter. i'm only using green LEDs. i want to make them sound reactive with the power going to the speakers.
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    Apr 20, 2004
    Just use a single channel of a color organ.
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    Dec 5, 2009
    I would agree. You do not want to power them from the speaker wire. You will want to power the leds from a regulated source and use the sound to trigger the effect.

    The sound organ option will allow you a few neat options.. Like use the whole table as a EQ display or a VU bar display, strobe mode, all kinds of variations.

    If you are going to do it, might as well do it right.
  6. aespino88

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    Mar 31, 2010
    so does that mean i would need some other source of power? where could i get a sound organ or how could i make 1? is it like some kind of relay for the LEDs?

    so much to learn yet so eager to know more
  7. bertus


    Apr 5, 2008

    Do you want to light the leds all at once or gradualy on the music?
    Must there be a selection of tones that the leds must react on?
    Must there be more leds on when the music is louder?

  8. aespino88

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    Mar 31, 2010
    this is a quick layout i made....
    the speakers would go under the table.
    i was thinking about adding some photocells that turn on the squares. like if i was to put something right in the middle the whole square would light up and be sound reactive. if i left out any info please ask. oh and where do i go so i can add a signature
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  9. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    Check this thread out, since your project will have some of the same challenges.

    Simple LED Project

    Have you read this?

    LEDs, 555s, Flashers, and Light Chasers

    Something like this schematic might be modified to do what you want.

    If you are interested I'll make the needed changes so you can experiment.


    The power supply was 12VDC for this design. Higher voltages are better. Plan on lots of current.

    Something like this...

    I prefer wall warts though, they are safer.