Music Adapter - Diagram included, but How ?


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Your link to the image does not work. It may work for you, but nobody else can see it.

You can upload the image to this forum. You must have popups enabled for this site, or pop-up blocker(s) disabled.

Edit your original reply, click the "Go Advanced" button near the bottom of the page, then click "Manage Attachments" near the bottom of the next page.

You'll get a pop-up dialog that is pretty much self-explanatory.


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Yes, very poor idea to short the L/R channels together. You could likely get by using a couple of resistors as a summer circuit.

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First thanks for taking the time to help me sort this.

I'm trying to connect an MP3 player (3.5mm socket) to an extension on a phone system (RJ45)

The extension can be configured to support Music on hold, I just need a cable that is 3.5mm plug to RJ45 plug and what wires connect to what !!

I have just tried an old headphone cable, 3.5mm plug - shield to pin 1, left channel to 2.
This didn't work !!

Any ideas ?