Murata 1600C on-chip transformer

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    Feb 1, 2013
    I was looking to miniaturize an analog circuit containing a transformer and so I got hold of Murata Power Solutions 1600C chip which is supposed to be an on-chip transformer. The data sheet describes them as completely passive devices, "suited to isolating microprocessor bus connections and performing logic level translation". The data sheet is available at

    I was testing them with sine waves and hooked up a function generator (SRS DS345) across the primary in series with 120 ohm resistor, keeping the secondary open. I then monitored the voltage generated by the function generator and the voltage across the primary. (see figures). What I found was that the voltage generated by the function generator was nice and sinusoidal and the voltage across the transformer primary was

    This nonlinearity disappers at low enough voltages or high enough frequencies.

    I'm puzzled about this nonlinearity. Any ideas about why it's happening and any details about these on-transformer chips would be greatly appreciated.